Mayo’s mental breakdown

Anyone make the unfortunate decision to watch yesterday’s All-Ireland Football Final? What an awful awful game, one of the worst I have seen in ages. What the heck happened to Mayo? Did all the pressure and expectation become too much and cause a mental breakdown? They weren’t in it at all yesterday, they never even got off the starting blocks. I feel sorry for the fans, not because they lost the game but how they lost it, their team just didn’t contest the final at all.
For Kerry it was easy, with little effort they knocked in 4-15 to win their 34th(!) All-Ireland SFC title. The margin would have been bigger only for Mayo got a few goals against the run of play to put a nicer look on the score line. But what now for Mayo, how will they pick themselves up from what must be one of their hardest losses in years?

p.s. as well as being a bad game of football it was also dirty at times, with Kerry especially making many cynical challenges. The bullying side of Gaelic football has always turned me off the sport and sadly it’s evident at almost every level of the game but it’s obviously not something that the GAA considers to be a problem.

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  1. The minor final was a cracker though!

  2. Hi Ruadh, welcome to the site. Sure was, especially the finish. I wonder will Roscommon be able to do it in the replay?

  3. The words of Red from “The Shawshank Redemption” come to mind:

    “Hope is a dangerous thing. Drive a man insane. It’s got no place here. Better get used to the idea.”

  4. Watched the game over here in Alba. Poor old Mayo – they have a good enough set of players to have really challenged Kerry but mentally it seems they just cant cope with the pressure of All-Ireland Final day. Reminds of Tyrone before Mickey Harte, fine players but no bottle when things get tough. The fact that Tyrone have been able to turn that around (the mental strength they showed in last years final was immense) should give Mayo hope, it can be done. Not sure the current crop of Mayo players will manage it though, 2 hammerings in finals will be hard to recover from.

    Kerry were clinical on the day, they did very well to turn their season around after the Munster final.

    Now looking forward to the Ireland – Australia Gaelic/Aussie Rules and Ireland – Scotland Hurling/Shinty matches.

  5. “Hope is a dangerous thing. Drive a man insane. It’s got no place here. Better get used to the idea.”
    That’s just like living in Finland