Winter Olympics: Suomi Abú

Torino 2006 logoThe Finnish men’s ice hockey team did the stuff once again last night by knocking four past Russia to advance to the final. It was expected to be a tough match but Russia were somewhat disappointing and couldn’t find a way past the Finnish defence especially goalkeeper Antero Niittymäki who has been playing a stormer throughout the tournament.
Sweden won their game against the Czechs with a resounding 7-3 victory. This is probably the last team the Finns wanted for the final, there’s nothing the Finns hate more than losing to the Swedes, it’s a rivalry much like Ireland and England, so here’s hoping they continue their winning streak. The gold medal game is tomorrow, Sunday 26th @ 14:05 CET! Fingers, toes 7 other bits crossed!

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  1. I hope I’ll be back from the swimming pool by then.