Winter Olympics: Flying Finns march on

Torino 2006 logoGreat news for all you Finnish ice-hockey fans in the Irish blogoshpere … erm, just me I guess … Finland have booked their place in the semi-finals after beating USA 4-3 in this evening’s match. The Finns are unbeaten in the competition so far having won all five preliminary round ties including a shut out against reigning champs Canada, and now a win against silver-medalists USA.
Finally the Finns are hungry for victory again after disappointing for years. Quite often the big-name NHL players are the first to be picked yet seem the least committed (a problem Canada seem to suffer from). Confidence has often been a huge problem too, yet this year the entire team are playing with both commitment and confidence and certainly have a great chance of bringing home the gold. Bring on the semis … just hope it’s not against arch-enemies Sweden.

In other sports, Finland are currently (at time of writing) drawing 1-1 with GBR in the men’s mind fuck warfare semi-final.

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  1. No. Me too. I support the Finnish ice hockey team. Unfortunately, all I’ve gotten to see so far are a) bobsleigh yesterday, b) men’s figure-skating and c) some snowboarding. But I’m mistress of the TV for the foreseeable future though, yipee.

  2. Woohooo i’m not alone :)

  3. Help! I’m trapped in the house! Boy am I sorry now that I denied the man his sports channels, otherwise I could be sitting in my own sofa, watching my country beat most of the world in the king of sports…

  4. Serves you right Lauranen ;)