Glorifying terrorism

As reported this week the UK are considering bringing in legislation to ban glorifying terrorists which could mean paramilitary songs and murals being outlawed. However the laws are supposed to be so vague that they will need to be tested in court before its full powers are delineated.
The question I have relates to the GAA and the practice of some clubs north of the border of naming clubs and/or tournaments after Republican terrorists such as Kevin Lynch’s (INLA, 1981 hunger striker) GAA Club or the Mairead Farrell (IRA, killed by SAS in Gibraltar 1988) Camogie Tournament. These of course are disgusting practices which the GAA has totally failed to address so will the new legislation force the GAA to finally confront this issue? Or does the legislation cover such practices at all? It’s my opinion that this is something the GAA should have tackled head on long ago, I hope it doesn’t take a court case to do it.

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  1. That’s a good question. I’m sure the DUP would want to see the GAA challenged.

  2. The DUP can go and shite UI :) still, it’d be interesting to see if anyone actually raises this issue

  3. So I take it you’re against the provisionally-titled “Michael Collins” trophy? Or is it going to be a case of “no, no, that was different”?
    Personally, I don’t like the idea of the Eoin O’Duffy Stand which exists at Clones but in a huge Association you can’t be comfortable with everything. I suggest you drop an email to said clubs raising your concerns – it’d be interesting to hear their reply. Seriously.


  4. Deaglan, in fairness few people would put Michael Collins in the same bracket as those responsible for the likes of Omagh or Warrington. You can’t be comfortable with everything of course but none of us should be confortable with the naming of clubs/trophies/tournaments after murderers.

  5. Does this mean that the Sam Maguire is in peril the next time it’s north of the Border? After all, certain elements regard anyone who fought for Irish freedom as a “terrorist”.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone (from the orange camp) complained EWI.