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A little bored this evening so I took a trip around the blogosphere to see what’s happening and came across a few blogs worth bookmarking…
The first is Manuel Stimulation, a blog from a Spanish dude living in Ireland. Hilarious blog, I’ll be dropping by there often.
The next I found was it’s all fun and games run by “AMS”, an accountant with a sense of humor (yeah, I was surprised too). I have to admit it was her post on breastfeeding which caught my attention :mrgreen:
Lastly They all speak English is a Welsh group blog (in English). One of our regulars Rhys is a contributer there. Rhys also runs an English language blog Smiling Under buses as well as his Welsh one, love the sub header “Speaking a dead language since 1977″.

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  1. If Manuel Estimulo isn’t another blog-persona by the guy writing ‘Twenty Major’, I’ll eat my hat.

  2. That never even occurred to me Cionaodh. I must be a bit slow :)

  3. Muchas gracias por sus palabras buenas.

    Twenty Major is irish cigarette. How is possible to write cigarette?

  4. No problemo del nachos para fallatio de Chris Waddle!

  5. Diolch (x3) for the plugs

  6. â chroeso! [hope that's right :) ]