Road deaths continue…

A total of six people, including a two-year old boy in Swords, have been killed on our roads in the past 24 hours. That brings the total so far for 2006 to 50! It looks like we’re set for another 400+ year!
It’s absolute madness. So many lives destroyed for no reason. When will the Government & the Gardaí get their fingers out and start working to make our roads safer? What’s the point is standing with a speed camera in a 40mph zone in the middle of the afternoon when many if not most fatalities occur late at night? Where are the Gardaí with their breathalysers when people are leaving the pubs & nightclubs? And when will Irish people cop the fuck on and start driving responsibly?
United Irelander (thx for the stats link) has a few words to say on the subject.

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  1. 50 people…If the deaths continue at this rate it will smash last year’s number.

  2. Off topic, I tagged you for this meme that lots of Irish bloggers are doing:

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  3. Mr.AlwaysQuestionAuthority

    What type of statistics are kept in regard to the recent massive increase in car ownership against the death rate on the road? none as far as i can see.
    In austria they take suicide as a factor in late nite single car accidents, which adds up to quiet a lot of the cases, unpleasent as the thought is, I think statistics should be collected on that.

    Banks hand out cash to people to buy a 2006 car, those people go to buy a car, even though there is no neccesity for them to prove they can drive and out they go.
    Third world infrastructure doesn’t help either but what does one expect from a post-colonial banana republic, with lack of self-esteem as a nation, where the new boss is the same as the the old, a country run by greedy apes for unthinking apes who keep voting for them.

  4. Mr.AQA
    Massive increase in car ownership aside … 400 deaths per year is 400 too many!

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