Going slow…

Posting has been slow this past week, as have been my responses to your comments, apologies. A lack of energy and motivation is the problem, it’s probably brought on by the coming of winter. I hate winter, especially here, it’s bloody cold, uncomfortable and a tad depressing.
We had our first snow here last week (I also hate snow), this picture is a quick snap I took on my way to work last Tuesday. I had to drive 2 hours to a meeting and I still had my summer tyres on, luckily one of the other lads had changed his tyres, we wouldn’t have made it in my car. The pic was taken just after I skidded 2 metres and just before I skidded another 3, 2 of about 20 skids that day (ok, some were on purpose). The snow has melted already, as the first snow usually does, but it’ll be back soon enough so i’m likely to be cold, uncomfortable and depressed for the next 6 months or so.
I think a good aul whinge about winter is needed but i’ll leave it for another day.

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  1. “The snow has melted already, as the first snow usually does, but it’ll be back soon enough so i’m likely to be cold, uncomfortable and depressed for the next 6 months or so.”

    Hyvaa Suomi!!

    Seriously though, having experienced a Finnish winter – I feel your pain!

    The prolonged summer hours though brings its own problems though. Not being able to sleep properly because it’s daylight at 4am was sending me round the twist…It truly is a strange country and a far cry from our own “mono-season” we have in Ireland.

  2. It’s when you say things like that, that I remember why, when I had a choice between Ireland and Finland, I chose FInland.

    Mind you, with the wintertime here, it’s starting to get dark fierce early now.

  3. I guess that with the change of the hour it’ll be a real pain living up north in wintertime.
    Over here we had a taste of Spring, it feels like April and we’re happy. Today I did some gardening…
    I don’t if it lasts another day, though.
    Tomorrow is holiday over here, All Saints’ Day, and all activities are off. So, many people joined the Sunday to this holiday with an extra day. We call it “a Bridge”.
    Do you have a term for a thing like this?

  4. Good heavy curtains does the trick Deaglan :)
    Though I will admit I have gotten up for work at 4am one one or two occassions, it was hard the first year.

    Where were you located Winds?

    Antonio, the hour doesn’t make a big difference really. Mid winter it’s basically dark all day (really just overcast this far south).
    What are your winters like there? What sort of temperatures?

  5. Maca, our winters are really cold. We have had down to -15°C twenty years ago.
    Usually the temperatures in Jan are around -5°C for the lows and +5°C for the highs. The sun goes down at 4.30 in late Dec, but after a month we already gain almost one hour.
    Last winter was terribly cold, always below zero for several days in a row.
    Many years ago, whan I was a kid, it used to snow every winter, but lately the snow has become a rare event, and when it does it melts in a couple of days.
    Our Summers, on the contrary, are very hot and hazy. The highest tempertaure we had was 43°C in 2003, but the average is around +35°C in July. As you can see, my city, Turin, has a wide span of temperature over the year.

  6. Thanks Antonio. I don’t think i’ll move to Turin, too cold in winter and too hot in summer :) Although after living here for a while your winter doesn’t sound to bad.
    The coldest temperature i’ve been outside in is -38°C but that was just briefly for obvious reasons. It sometimes gets colder but mainly just up North. Summer here can be nice, usually 25-30°C, any hotter then I start to melt.

  7. Yesterday was a bad day. I meant I chose Ireland. I would have been in Espoo though had I gone. I quite like Helsinki and Stockmann is one of my favourite department stores. And I did live in Rauma for a month too but that was during the summer.