The Flock has landed

I’ve just downloaded a new browser called Flock, it’s basically a Firefox clone (btw Firefox just hit the 100,000,000 downloads mark yesterday!) but with a few new features. You have to sign up to their mailing list to get the current version, “0.5pre developer snapshot”, but they should release a public version soon.
It looks ok so far but i’ve only been using it about half an hour. It’s got a nice default theme (screen shots later) and seems to be as customizable as Firefox. Two features I really like are the Blog & Shelf features. It has a Blog button on the nav bar which allows you to post directly to your blog script. Ok, it works just like a “bookmarklet” which a number of blog scripts have but this is built into the browser and works pretty well .. so far. The Shelf feature is a little window which you can drag and drop links or images to. Very handy. If you’re interested sign up to their mailing list to get notified of their next release.

Update: Slashdot users have their say, and give a better explanation of Flock’s functionality than I.

Edited 27th Oct: Flexbeta with a detailed review.

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