Progress in Irish: Lesson 4

Lesson 4 of Progress in Irish. Tá conjugation: present tense

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Freagair (Answer)

1. Táim ag obair; nílim ag súgradh. – I am working; I am not playing.

2. Tá an páiste tinn ach níl se ag gol. – The child is ill but he is not crying.

3. An bhfuil tú ag éisteacht? Táim. – Are you listening? I am.

4. Tá siad ag obair agus tá siad ag canadh. – They are working and they are singing.

5. Tá an obair críochnaithe agus táimid ag rince. – The work is finished and we are dancing.

Cuir Gaeilge ar seo (Translate into Irish)

1. I am tired but I am working. – Táim tuirseach ach taím ag obair.

2. The girl is ill but she is not crying. – Tá an cailín tinn ach níl sí ag gol.

3. You are talking: you are not listening. – Tá tú ag caint: níl tú ag éisteacht.

4. Are you reading? We are not reading; we are writing. – An bhfuil sibh ag léamh? Nílimid ag léamh, táimid ag scríobh.

5. They are eating and drinking. – Tá siad ag ithe agus ag ól.

6. The man is going away; he is not coming here. – Tá an fear ag imeacht; níl sé ag teacht anseo.

7. They are not playing; they are working. – Níl siad ag súgradh; tá siad ag obair.


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Irish Dictionary Online.


C&úacute;pla Focal, Litríocht, Cló Iar-Chonnachta.

Progress in Irish (Máiréad Ní Ghráda ) is published by The Educational Company (ISBN 0-86167-159-7).

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  1. Hi Maca,

    I cannot comment about your Irish lessons section, ‘cos I’m not able to read or write this wonderful language, but God if I’d like to!
    Just out of curiosity, is there a special keybord for Irish?
    How can you type letters like ú or á? On my keybord I only has letter with the reverse accent.
    Are you going through the ASCII table by using ALT+code#?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Antonio (welcome to the site, by the way).

    I posted on this before, so you can find a few ways to do it here:

    Also try these links:

    I actually have a Scandanavian keyboard (i live in Finland) so I have an accent key which makes it very simple.

  3. Thanks a lot, Maca!
    I found those links very useful as well as interesting!

  4. No problem, glad they were useful!

  5. good on ya – you should be able to use the Alt GR key with vowels to get the fada..

  6. Lagod Lad – using Alt Gr – it all depends on your keybard though, it doesn’t work for me at all, not that I need it mind you.