Sligo Post “TV” Review

Was having coffee this morning and flicked through a week-old Sligo Post when I noticed the following…

TV Watch Highlights for the Week: Bourne Supremacy RTE One Wednesday @9:30

“The second chapter to the 2002 thriller, Bourne has to abandon his life and examine everything that happens with careful scrutiny in a bid to save his life. Bourne knows he must become a deadly assassin again in order to have any hope of ever seeing Marie. The kidnappers tell Bourne in order to get his wife back he needs to capture the “new” Jason Bourne, an impostor using his reputation to earn massive amounts of money. While he tries to capture this impostor however, he is forced to fake a sadistic killer responsible for killing one of his few real friends. But, will things turn out as he hopes?”

Robert Ludlum fans will recognise this summary straight away as it a summary of the book!
But it’s no where near what happens in the film. So who ever wrote this piece obviously never even saw the film!

They’ve probably hired a 15 year old to write their tv reviews and much like doing homework they copy and pasted from Wikipedia last thing before going to bed except this 15 year old copy and pasted the wrong summary.
That’s an F- young lad(y)!

Monday morning, I needed a whinge, this is the best I could come up with ok?

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