Progress in Irish: Lesson 1

This is the very first lesson of Progress in Irish. It would be handy if you had the text as I don’t think I will be posting the sections ‘Learn’ or ‘Read’. Progress in Irish (Máiréad Ní Ghráda ) is published by The Educational Company (ISBN 0-86167-159-7) and available from any of the Irish online book stores.

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Lesson 1: Tá, verb placement.

Freagair (Answer)

1. Cé tá ag siúl? Who is walking? – Tá Brian ag siúl. Brian is walking.

2. Cé tá ag rith? Who is running? – Tá Seán ag rith. Seaán is running.

3. Cé tá ag ithe? Who is eating? – Tá Nóra ag ithe. Nóra is eating.

4. Cé tá ag ól? Who is drinking? – Tá Máire ag ól. Máire is drinking.

5. Cé tá ag gáire? Who is laughing? – Tá an fear ag gáire. The man is laughing.

6. Cé tá ag gol? Who is crying? – Tá an páiste ag gol. The child is crying.

7. Cá tá ag dul amach? Who is going out? – Tá an bhean ag dul amach. The woman is going out.

8. Cé tá ag teacht isteach? Who is coming in? – Tá an cailín ag teacht isteach. The girl is coming in.

9. Cé tá ag dul abhaile? Who is coming home? – Tá an buachaill ag dul abhaile. The boy is coming home.

10. Cé tá ag caint? Who is talking? – Tá an múinteoir ag caint. The teacher is talking.

Cuir Gaeilge ar seo (Translate into Irish)

1. Nora is running. Tá Nóra ag rith.

2. Brian is talking. Tá Brian ag caint.

3. Sean is coming. Tá Seán ag teacht.

4. The girl is crying. Tá an caillin ag gol.

5. The teacher is laughing. Tá an múinteoir ag gáire.

6. The man is coming. Tá an fear ag teacht.

7. The woman is going home. Tá an bhean ag dul abhaile.

8. The child is eating. Tá an páiste ag ithe.

9. The boy is drinking. Tá an buachaill ag ól.

10. Nora is coming in. Tá Nóra ag teacht isteach.

11. Eamann is going out. Tá Eamann ag dul amach.

12. Niall is coming home. Tá Niall ag teacht abhaile.


PII Answer sheets, html format.
PII Answer sheets, downloadable PDF format.
Irish Dictionary Online.


Cúpla Focal, Litríocht, Cló Iar-Chonnachta.

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