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Web Design

These guides cover various aspects of web development based on my own learning experiences. They are probably more suitable for beginner webmasters.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Getting Started

Choosing a web host
Some advice on what to look for when choosing a web host.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Building & Maintaining Pages

Avoid Spam Email
Simple javascript to allow you to display an email link on a web page but protect it from spammers.

Mailto links in detail
A comprehensive look at mailto links showing you how to add extra email addresses, a subject and even body message.

File Include
How to include content from one document into another document. Useful if you don't use SSI or hate iframes.

Maintain Frameset
Essential if you use frames on your site, this short script will help maintain a frameset on pages which should always be framed.

Status Link Description
Simple javascript which shows a description of your links in the browsers status bar.

Page Redirection
Redirecting your page to another address.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Web Tricks

Embedding a font on your web page
It's rarely worth the effort embedding a font on your web page but this guide will help you get started if you wish to try.

Show Hard Drive Files
Simple code which displays your hard drive files in an iframe. Used on some security sites to scare you.   :-)

Access Hard Drives
How to create links to allow you to access directories on your hard drive or local networks etc.

Editable Page Content
Just a fun code, allows visitors to "edit" your page content! Useless but fun.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Legal Issues

Copyrighting Basics
Some basics of copyrighting, just by way of introduction to this important subject.

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