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Apache Server Side Includes

Apache mod_include introduced a technology which is both easy to learn and provides the webmaster with an excellent way to add dynamism and interactivity to a web site while making the task of site maintenance an easier one.

The following guides aim to give you the information you need to take advantage of this technology.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Introductory Topics on SSI

An introduction to SSI
A basic introduction to SSI. What is SSI? What's it used for?

Enabling SSI on your server
Using .htaccess to enable server side includes on your server.

template-icon.gif (1K)  SSI Directives

SSI Include Command
Basics of the File & Virtual Include directives.

SSI Echo Command
Introduction to the Echo directive and it's many uses.

SSI Exec Command
Basics of the useful Exec directive and some common applications.

SSI Date Command
The Date directive and how to configure the time format to suit your needs.

Config directives
Controls many aspects of the parsing behaviour. More than one attribute may be defined in a single #config statement.

Other Common directives
Other common SSI directives including the Flastmod, Fsize and the printenv directive.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Extending Server Side Includes

Conditional SSI in simple terms
Understanding the basics of Conditional SSI and what it could be used for. Quite simple.

Conditional Expressions and Test Conditions
SSI provides certain elements to enable conditional processing using any of the environmental or user defined variables.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Applications and Examples

Redirecting Users with SSI
Using SSI to redirect users to custom pages after logging in.

Creating a web site template with SSI
How to set up your site template with includes.

Displaying random content with SSI
Using some crafty SSI to simulate random content.

Creating a printer friendly page.
How to use SSI to output a printer friendly version of your page.

Displaying Form and Thank-you page in same document.
Simple trick to put a HTML form and Thank-you page in the same document, so no need for an extra document just to say thanks!.

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