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These are links I use regularly for reference! Hope you find them useful.

If you can't visit all these links then I recommend starting with the sites marked with red-arrow.gif (1K)
You can then visit the rest later!!

resources-icon.gif (1K) W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

It can be difficult for some to cut through all the mountain of information on the W3C site looking for the specs you need. This should get you going.

First Time Visitor Page - address may change.
HTML 4.01 Specifications
XHTML 1.0 Specifications
CSS 1 Specifications
CSS 2 Specifications
Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 Specification
HTML Validator red-arrow.gif (1K)
CSS Validator red-arrow.gif (1K)
Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - Important red-arrow.gif (1K)

resources-icon.gif (1K) Tutorials & Reference - HTML & XHTML

This covers all kinds of reference, tutorials, guides and FAQ's.

Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML and CSS red-arrow.gif (1K)
HTML for the conceptually challenged
A Slackers guide to HTML
htmlgoodies red-arrow.gif (1K)

resources-icon.gif (1K) Tutorials & Reference - CSS

This covers all kinds of reference, tutorials, guides and FAQ's.

Westciv CSS Tutorial - Thorough CSS tutorial.
CSS Positioning Reference Sheet, Ian Graham
WDG's Guide to Cascading Style Sheets
W3Schools - CSS quick reference
The HTML Writers Guild's CSS FAQs
Zvon's CSS2 reference
Westciv Browser Support. Very important.
Webreference - Advanced CSS Layouts Step by Step red-arrow.gif (1K)
The Layout Reservoir page layouts with CSS
Glish - CSS layout techniques. Box hack - important!
The Noodle Incident - Problem & Workaround Set for a series of CSS Boxes red-arrow.gif (1K)
Eric Meyers CSS Site - Fantastic! Highly Recommended! red-arrow.gif (1K)
CSS Pointers Group. Definitely Recommended! red-arrow.gif (1K)

resources-icon.gif (1K) Web Browsers, Editors & Tools

Mozilla red-arrow.gif (1K)
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer Mac

I have used HTML-Kit for years, it's a full featured editor which you can use for just about any language you desire, except Swahili. :) Latest version comes with multi-browser previews! Highly recommended!

HTML-Kit from Chami. MUST HAVE! red-arrow.gif (1K)
Style Master CSS editor
Layout Master editor

resources-icon.gif (1K) General Resources

The Web Robots Pages - Web Wanderers, Crawlers, Spiders and other nasties!
Search Engine Watch - THE source on search engine information.
dmoz - Open Directory Project - The largest human-edited directory of the Web.


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