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Rather than attempt to build a comprehensive CSS tutorial which could never compete with those currently on the net I have simply compiled a few guides on popular CSS topics.

See the Resources page for links to CSS tutorials.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Introductory Tutorials

Statement Terminology
Selectors? Attributes? Just what do you call squiggly brackets?

Separate style sheet for old browsers
The most common way of linking to two style sheets, one for old browsers and an advanced stylesheet for more compliant browsers.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Internet Exploder Related

CSS Visual Filters
How to use filters to create effects such as blur, glow, shadow etc.

Vertical Text
How to create vertical text using some simple CSS.

Changing default scrollbar colours
How to change the default scrollbar colours. Works only on IE and does not validate.

The Parsing Error Bug Workaround to get around IE5x PC stupidity.

template-icon.gif (1K)  General Tutorials

Specifying Link Styles
Specifying single or multiple link styles, including hover styles..

Non-scrolling table header
How to simulate keeping a table header fixed while the table content scrolls.

Menu Rollover Effect
How to create a menu rollover effect with only CSS. Really good effect normally done with images and javascript.

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