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How to access local drives.


This guide will show you how you can link to your local drives or drives on a Local Area Network for example.

Tested in Opera Icon IE6 Icon
Didn't work on latest tests on WinXP/IE6.

Basic Code:

The code to link to hard drives uses the basic HTML link code:

<a href="file:///c:/">Access C Drive</a>

Result: Access C Drive

You can access any drives you wish with this method simply by replacing the drive letter:

A Drive, C Drive, D Drive, E Drive, Fictitious T Drive.

You can also use a form button instead of a text link. Simple place the link address into the form action:

<form action="file:///c:/">
<input type="submit" value="Access C Drive" />


Where can I use this? I use this as part of an active desktop. I use this same code to link to some important local and network drives which I need to access on a regular basis. It's better than a standard shortcut. Just one suggestion!

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