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How to maintain a frameset.


One common problem for people who are inexperienced with frames or who have not yet acquired the knowledge is that people visiting their framed web sites from search engines often find an individual page which should be part of a frameset. It means the visitor can access the content frame without the other frames which may contain logo or other headers; site navigation; copyright information etc. This problem is easily overcome.

Tested in Mozilla Icon Opera Icon IE6 Icon

Basic Code:

If a single page which should be part of a frameset is loaded without the other frames then it needs to be forced back into the frameset. To do this simple add the following code to the <HEAD> of your document:

if (window.parent==window)
location.href = 'index.htm';

Note 1: index.htm in this example is the main URL of your frameset page. Some people use default.html etc

Note 2: this code must be put into EVERY page on your site which belongs to a frameset except your main frameset page "index.htm"

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