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Putting a link description into a status bar.


Ever mouseover a link and see that instead of seeing the normal page address you see a few words or line of text? This guide shows the very simple way this is done.

Tested in Mozilla Icon IE6 Icon

Basic Code:

The basic code is as follows:

<a href="#" onmouseover="window.status='Ta da! Link description here';return true;" onmouseout="window.status=' ';return true;">Link</a>

Result: mouseover the following link and look at your browsers status bar below: Link

You can add it to any number of links. Try to use a short but descriptive link description. Here are some examples, just mouseover the following links and check the descriptions in the status bar. Note, these are dead links, don't bother to click on them as they are only for demonstration.

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Too Long

It's a very simple effect but can add a professional touch to a web site. Many people notice these small attention-to-detail type things.

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