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My Portfolio

What i've done, what i'm working on, what I am planning to do.

Unfortunately the 'To Do' list is longer than the 'Done' list!!

Finland GAA :: http://www.ssi-developer.net/finland-gaa/
Description:: Hurling is one of Ireland's national sports. We have started a hurling club in Finland. Here's our official site.
Status:: NEW Site Online. Re-designed March 2003.
MacAonghusa :: http://www.ssi-developer.net/macaonghusa/
Description:: My genealogy site focuses briefly on the history of our sept/clan which dates back to 5th century Ireland.
Status:: Online!
Heroes & Villains :: ----
Description:: Heromachine is a flash-based application which allows you to create 'superheroes' from templates. VERY cool!! Here are some of my creations.
Status:: Under construction! Template finalised. Building content.
Downloads :: ----
Description:: Self explanatory, this site offers free downloads. Should appeal to aspiring webmasters.
Status:: Cancelled! Site template online!
A Book Of Five Rings :: ----
Description:: The famous book by masterless Samurai Shinmen Musashi.
Status:: Complete! No plans to put online at this stage (as it's copyrighted).

Planned Projects

  • Reserves::
  • History and information about the Irish Reserve Defence Forces.
  • Stopover::
  • A travel journal about places i've visited from Asia, Europe and the USA.
  • Get Write On It::
  • A site I set up long ago but never put online. For aspiring writers.
  • HTML Junkie::
  • Another site I did long ago but never put online. HTML tutorials and templates for beginners!

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