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Sola Salus Servire Deo has been the creed of the McGuinness families for many generations. Descended from Saran, a 5th Centuary Chief of the Dal Araidhe, through the line of Eatach Cobha the McGuinness family ruled over their lands at Iveagh from their home in Rathfairland until the 17th centuary.

The McGuinness's are spread far and wide and are known under many different variations of the name. On this site I will refer to all the McGuinness families under the one name of McGuinness, this for simplicity and also because this is my family name. And as Gaelige I will refer to those variations as MacAonghusa.

My own family came from the counties of Leitrim and Longford, and more recently Finland (my fault). This site serves as a contact point for our family and hopefully a means of making contact with other McGuinnessses.

So if you are or were or know of McGuinnesses please drop us a line. I rarely, if ever, bite so I would be delighted to hear from you.

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