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Variations of the name:

There are quite a number of variations of the name McGuinness. A number of sources I have read stated that there is sixteen (16) known variations of the name, but the same sources actually listed over twenty (20) variations and I know of other variations which were not listed amongst these.

The list of variations I have found are shown in the following table, although this cannot call this a "complete" list as there may be other variations I have not come accross.

Maguiness Maguinness Magenis Magennis Maginness
Maginnis MacInnis Genis McGenis McGennis
McGenniss McGinnes McGinness McGiniss McGinnis
McGinis McGinniss Meginniss McGuiness McGuines
McGuinnes Guinness McGuinness McGuinnessy Guinnessy

The name Magennis evidentally was the most common variation recorded in english historical texts and it is still quite common today. Some of the sources I searched through quote MacGuinness and MacGenis as the most popular forms of the name today. However I have never met another McGuinness to spell their name like this. The variation McGuinness is the most common I have come across, particularly in Ireland.

The variations of the surname as Gaeilge include MagAonghusa, MagAonguis, MacAonghusa, MacOengusa and MacAenghusa ...and i'm sure there must be many more.


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