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A hurling game is always officiated over by a team of 7 people, a referee, two linesmen and four umpires.

The referree has complete authority over the game the same as a referree is soccer or rugby.

The linesmen, one on each side of the playing field help the referree, their main tasks are to watch for when the ball goes out of play on either side of the field, help the when substitutions are being made and assist the referree to keep control over the game. The referee and linesmen normally wear black kits. Both linesmen carry a flag for signalling the direction of frees or side-line pucks.

The umpires, who are dressed in suspicious white coats, are placed at the goal areas, two at either end of the field, one at each side of the goal. They main function is to signal when a team scores, a white flag for one point and a green flag for one goal (3 points). They also signal when the ball goes out of play over the end line.

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