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The Field of play

The playing area is a rectangular grass field approximatly 137 meters in length (130m minimum & 145m maximum) by 82merers in width (80m minimum & 90meters maixmum). These dimensions are often reduced in European games depending on what playing facilities are available.

There is a goal area at either end of the pitch. The goals are comprised of two high circular posts 6.5m apart and at a height of not less than 7m. There is a crossbar spanning the distance between these posts at a uniform height of 2.5m over the ground. Each goal will also have a net covering the area at the back of the goal between the posts and under the crossbar. In many ways they are similar to Rugby goals but with the addition of a net.

The Teams

Each game is contested by two teams. Each team has a total of 15 players (sometimes reduced in European games) and are allowed a maximum of five substitutions during the game. In the case of extra-time three more substitutions are allowed. Both teams wear their registered distinctive team colours, and if both teams have similar colours they must change to their alternative colours. In the case of the goal keepers, they must wear a colour different to that of their own team and of the other team.

Unlike sports such as soccer for example, in hurling the teams normally line-out in a stricter format much like this:

1. Goal keeper
2. Right Full Back 3. Center Full Back 4. Left Full Back
5. Right Half Back 6. Center Half Back 7. Left Half Back
8. Right Midfield-9. Left Midfield
10. Right Half Forward 11. Center Half Forward 12. Left Half Forward
13. Right Corner Forward 14. Center Full Forward 15. Left Corner Forward

This format is better represented in the following player image map.
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