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Game equipment

The two basic items a player must use in hurling is a hurling stick, simply called a hurley or camán in Irish and a ball called a sliotar.

The HURLEY is made from ash ("saarni" Suomeksi) and varies quite a lot in length and weight, and depends pretty much on the person using it. A quite average size hurley as used by an adult might be 92cm (3 foot) in length. The width of the bass or head of the hurley at its widest point should not be more than 13cm.

Some hurleys have a thin metal band across the head. This is not a requirement but is used to add both stability and strength to the stick. Hurleys also often have "electric tape" on the hand grip areas to aid grip. This tape is often in the team colours.

hurley stick

sliotar The SLIOTAR is a small white leather ball as shown. The circumference of the sliotar is normally between 23cm and 25cm and weighs between 100g and 120g. It has a raised edge which is called a rib, the rib is just over 2mm high. The thickness of the leather cover is about 2mm.

helmet The HELMET. Some players choose to wear a helmet during the game. This is optional, it is recommended but it is not compulsory. There are many styles of helmets, some with face guards, some without. There have even been hockey helmets and skate board helmets used as there is no fixed specification for the type of helmet which should be used.

TEAM KIT. Each team must wear their distinctive team kit comprising of jersey, shorts and socks. This is explained more in Team & Field section. Players must also wear studded football boots and some players choose to wear shin guards or hand guards to protect against injury.

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