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Northern Gaels HC

Are you interested in joining Northern Gaels hurling club? Membership is open to all, male or female of any age, religion or nationality.

Club Members

We currently have 10 registered club members, five Finns and 5 Irishmen around the Lahti-Hyvinkää region with a few more players interested a little further afield. We don't have any camogie players (female members) but welcome any cailíní who wish to join.


Training normally takes place on Sunday afternoons in Hyvinkää. We train on the soccer facilities at ___ but are in search of a more suitable location. We also aim to start regular training in Lahti, if there's enough players interested.


A tracksuit, runners or football boots are fine. The club will supply hurleys for the training sessions which you can purchase from the club. Permanent club members are encouraged to buy their own hurleys, either from the club or from another source if the wish. Club hurleys are Euro 20.

Helmets or other protectibe gear are not supplied by the club. They are not required but can be used if so desired. Ice-hockey helmets are similar in design and much cheaper than hurling helmets.

Membership Fee

This year we are instigating a small membership fee. The price is not fixed yet but will be small and is required to help purchase equipment for the club and cover other costs. You are only required to pay the membership fee when you commit as a full member.

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