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Terms of Use

This document covers the terms of use of information contained within this web site www.ssi-developer.net. Users wishing to use the information, templates or scripts from this site must agree to these terms of service.

Unless otherwise indicated all the information contained within this site is copyrighted SSI Developer. However only some rights are reserved and the information contained here is released under a Creative Commons Licence.

In practice this means you can use, distribute, edit or modify, make copies of or abuse this information. You may not sell this information or make commercial gain from it.

When passing on this information you are bound by the Creative Commons Licence which means that you must give your users the same rights that you are been given now....Share and share alike!

You may remove copyright notices but replacing it with your own or claiming authorship is plain unfair.

You use this information at your own risk and agree not to hold SSI Developer liable for any damages which may occur from use of this information.

By using any of the scripts on SSI Developer, you understand that you have read and agreed to the above usage terms.

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