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The following is a collection of various basic guides on a number of web design related subjects from SSI to .htaccess authorisation, CSS to XHTML.

This will be a work in progress as I add new guides, update current ones and hopefully as I learn new technologies like XML I will try to add some guides on that too.

Below are links to each guides section with a short summary of the guides.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Client Side

Cascading Style Sheets

There are countless CSS tutorials available on the web so rather than try to emulate those I have just covered some of the more popular aspects of CSS which I see asked frequently in forums.


Have you upgraded yet to XHTML? A few guides here will help explain why you should and how you can.

template-icon.gif (1K)  Server Side

Server Side Includes

This is one of my favourite subjects. These guides cover all the basics you need to start using Server Side Includes, from the basic commands such as 'echo' or 'include' to page redirection or setting up SSI page templates.

.htaccess Authorisation

This section covers some of the basics of .Htaccess authorisation. Rather than build just another tutorial I have only covered some of the basics of .htaccess and also an experimental work-around for "logging out" of a .htaccess protected directory.

template-icon.gif (1K)  General Web

Web Site Related

Various topics relating to web development, from choosing a web host to copyrighting to meta tags! Hopefully you will find something useful here.


As the name suggests these are not guides but reference material such as web safe colour chart, character entity references and so on.

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