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Saran, King of Ulster:

Saran was second son of Caelbadh and was actually King of Ulster for 26 years before he was ousted (357?) by the three brothers known as the Three Collas. The Three Collas conquered Ulster, burnt and destroyed the regal city of Emania and transplanted the natives to Dal Airaidhe and Iveagh. Saran was the last king of Ulster of the Irian line.

Saran, Chief of the Dal Airaidhe:

Saran was Chief of the Dal Airaidhe during the time of Saint Patrick. He was seemingly known as a blood thirsty warrior who terrorised the kingdom of Dal Airaidhe killing and enslaving many people and saying wicked things about St.Patrick. Olcan, with a monastery at Armoy, bargained with Saran to save lives and agreed to baptise Saran. This infuriated St Patrick (who obviously didn't have a sense of humour) that Olcan would baptise such a wicked man who was without remorse and he "prophesied that day that Olcan’s monastery would drown in blood, lose its honour, and be destroyed three times. Eerily, the Irish historical annals record that the Armoy monastery was indeed raided by a King of Dalriada, later by Cucuaran, and finally by Eochaid, who burned it down, leaving only the stump of its round tower."


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