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Nested Left Floated Box

Ver 2.3

Simple enough template to put together. The menu box is nested in the main content div, and floated to whichever side you want, in this case to the left.

The width needs to be specified because as far as I know IE5 (jeez, again?) stretches it differently to other browsers, as does Opera!

One thing I found was that the content col HAS to be taller than the left box (ok, normally it would be anyway) otherwise it looks awful. The content div wont stretch to the size of the box div like tables (*sniff*)!

One problem I had was with the paragraphs (the paragraphs you are reading now). If I set margins on the paragraph, although the text was sitting against the nested div, the margin would not work there, but would only work against the main div! I had to set a margin on the nested div to compensate.

This template has been tested in:

Changes in this version:

  1. Defined zero padding for the body, Opera seems to like that.

Filler Content

Dáig alta in mac sin i tig a athar & a mathar icon airdig i m-Maig Muirthemne, ocus adfeta dó scéla na maccaemi i n-Emain. Dáig is amlaid domeill Conchobar in rigi, o ro gab rígi in rí, .i. mar atraig fóchetóir césta & cangni in choicid d'ordugud. In lá do raind i trí asa athlil: cetna trian de fóchetóir ic fegad na maccaem ic imbirt chless cluchi & immanae, in trian tanaise dond ló ic imbirt brandub & fidchell, & in trian dedenach ic tochathim bíd & lenna, con-dageib cotlud for cách, aes cíuil & airfitid dia thalgud fri sodain. Ciataim ane ar longais riam reme dabiur bréthir, ar Fergus, na fuil in hErind no i n-Albain óclach macsamla Conchobair.

Ocus adfeta don mac sin scéla na maceáem & na maccraide i n-Emain, & radis in mac bec ria mathair ar co n-digsed dá chluchi do chluchemaig na Emna. Romoch duitsiu sain a meic bic, ar a mathair, co n-deoch anruth do anrothaib. Ulad lett no choimthecht ecin do chaimthechtaib Conchobair, do chor th' aesma & t'imdegla for in maccraid. Cían lim-sa di sodain a mathair, ar in mac bec, & ni biu-sa oca idnaide acht tecoisc-siu dam-sa cia airm itá Emain. Is cían uait, ar a mathair, airm in-das-fil. Sliab Fúait etrut & Emain. Dobér-sa ardmes furri amne, ar esium.